Yahoo – The Price Is Right has found its first male model. Boston native Rob Wilson was named the winner of the search, which the long-running CBS game show announced less than two months ago. The announcement was made on Friday’s episode of The Price Is Right. Groups of aspiring models lined up for the open casting call in Los Angeles on Aug. 30, before the field was narrowed down to 26, who then competed in challenges. Tasks included writing and singing original lyrics to The Price Is Right’s theme music and a costume change.


Is Bob Barker dead?  Because if he is I guarantee you he is spinning in his grave right now.   This never would have happened on his watch.   He only hired smokes that he could molest just like god intended.   Bottom line is there should be no male models on the Price is Right just like there should be no women allowed at Augusta National.  I mean what’s next?  Dudes working at Hooters and shit?  Disgusting.

But I guess if somebody had to break the gender barrier I’m glad it was a local kid.   That makes it a little bit easier to swallow.   Imagine how much pussy he’ll get to being the only dude on set too?   Big fish little pond.   I hope for his sake he’s not a gayball though because the tryouts made it seem like you had to be at least part gay to win with all that singing and dancing and costume change bullshit.