Reign of TroyThe 2012 edition of the USC vs. UCLA rivalry has taken an interesting turn, with five days left until the teams collide in Pasadena. According to a source close to USC’s Spirit of Troy, the Trojans’ band has been informed by UCLA officials that the school’s sword-wielding drum major will be prohibited from his traditional pregame stabbing of the grass this weekend at the Rose Bowl. Furthermore, according to the source, the band has been told that should the sword be inserted into the turf, secruity would prevent the band from taking the field for a pregame or halftime show, as they would be limited to playing from the stands. The push to ban the sword stabbing was vocalized on the internet through an open letter run by the controversial UCLA fan site, which encouraged the university to “defend the logo” and restrict the access of the drum major through the use of an on-field protest: “We would prefer to not have to ask our football team to defend our logo. We would prefer to have our Spirit Squad and the UCLA Band do it. We would even welcoming allowing Den members special field access for pre-game ceremonies for the specific purpose of defending our logo. We would even be willing to do it ourselves if the consequences would not include being arrested and removed from the game for entering the field of play. So, we are turning to the guys who make up the bulk of individuals who have field access to ask you to find a group of 5 to 10 guys to defend our logo. They can be guys who are redshirting or not playing due to injury. They could even be reserves who will not see any game action. While it doesn’t really matter who it is, we would prefer it interfere with pre-game preparation as little as possible. We do not want it to be a distraction.”

Just saw this on Barstool U. This is why I love college football. Yeah the BCS and the NCAA always try their best to ruin it, but as long as there are rivalries like USC vs. UCLA college football will always be better than pro football in my opinion. I know that’s an unpopular view in the Northeast, but that’s just because we don’t have big time college football around here. BC obviously doesn’t count. I’m talking about places where winning and losing is a matter of life and death.  Civic pride is literally determined by the football team.  I’m talking about places where there may be a legit riot if a mascot tries to stab the opposing logo at midfield. Again I’m not saying the game itself is better than the NFL but the pageantry around it is. The bands, the colors, the tailgates, everything is better in college. The only people who don’t agree with that are people who have never been to a real college football game before in their lives.  And yes I’ll be supremely disappointed if USC’s drum major doesn’t stab the logo and incite a riot on Saturday.