That was one of the strangest most action packed dirtiest fights I’ve ever seen in my life.  I had to watch this 5 times just to figure out who was who.  People  just getting sucker punched left and right.  Flying kicks coming out of nowhere.  Fat chicks whaling on dudes.   It was pure chaos..  Like I have absolutely no idea who I should have been rooting for here?  At different points both sides are arguing that it’s 4-1.   At different points both sides are trying to walk away only to get demolished.   The only thing I know for sure is the guy who got punted in the head at the end lost.    And if you bet on the guy in red shorts who was getting pummeled in the beginning to be the one who delivered the knockout blow you’d be a rich man right now.

PS – Doesn’t seem right those chicks didn’t get bottled at some point.