Yahoo - On Monday, Steve Burton of WBZ-TV in Boston became puckheads’ latest beacon of hope. Here’s his report from the 10 p.m. news, on what his sources indicate is the impending end of the lockout: The denials have rolled in. Sarah Kwak of Sports Illustrated quotes Daly as saying there’s “not even a single morsel” of truth in the report. Joe Haggerty of CSN New England’s sources also said it’s “not true.”


For some reason I’m fascinated by this.  Steve Burton just going out on a limb and reporting that the NHL lockout is all but over.   He is literally the ONLY guy on the planet reporting that.  Every other hockey insider instantly started laughing in his face when he said this.   Like they all had a “I spit out my coffee and I’m not even drinking any” reaction.   It almost makes me think there has to be something to it right?   I just don’t see how he could run with something that everybody knows is false and really have it be false.   That seems so crazy to me.  Like the fact he knew he was breaking something that nobody thinks is true would make him research and back-check it ten times as much before reporting it.  Or is it possible Steve Burton just made a mockery of his entire life and career?

In other news now that Nick Foles has been named the starter for the rest of the season in Philly I’m hearing rumors that Michael Vick just landed at Logan.