(NESN) — The United States women’s hockey team will be among the top gold medal contenders at the 2014 Winter Olympics, but before the squad heads to Sochi on Feb. 1, it’s preparing for the Games by scrimmaging against New England high school boys. The most recent opponent on Team USA’s schedule was Dexter Southfield, which defeated the U.S. Olympians 6-3 on Sunday afternoon.



Things like this are always a funny joke. Shit like “Would the Jaguars lose to Bama” or “Would a boys high school team beat UCONN women.” And it’s nice to laugh at and imagine the scenario. But, now that it’s actually happened, I’m sad. Now that the very best women in this country lost to a couple 17 year olds, I feel bad. I’m not going to make fun of them at all. My parents instilled values in me, and one of those was “You don’t beat a man while he’s down.” Well I’m gonna tweak it a bit and say “You don’t make fun of a women’s hockey team that just lost a a bunch of boys at recess by three goals.” You just don’t. It’s mean and unnecessary.  Just going to wish them the best of luck in Sochi and cross my fingers that Salisbury isn’t on the schedule over there.


h/t Andrew