CRANSTON, R.I.—New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker has had a hair transplant and will appear in ads for the Rhode Island doctor who performed it. Welker had the procedure done in Cranston this month during a five-hour session. It involved transplanting follicles to the parts of Welker’s scalp where his hair had begun thinning.

You motherfucker Wes.   How you gonna do me like that?   Stealing my endorsement deals and shit. You know I’ve been blogging non stop latetly about going bald.   Hell just this morning I said I was quitting Propecia because I didn’t feel like turning into a bitch.  Read inbetween the lines bro.  I was looking for a hair transplant clinic to give me a free operation in exchange for free blogs for life.    You just swooped in and stole my gig.   Fuck you dude.  I thought we were internet friends.  Guess not.   I don’t even know you anymore ever since you joined Jock Talk.   Well fuck that noise.   Any other hair plant places out there looking for the sexiest, most influential balding blogger on the planet to give a free operation to in exchange for advertising?  Get at me.  We’ll out grow Welkers hair under the table.