NPRDomino’s Pizza begins a new ad campaign Thursday. The company is so confident in its pizzas that the ads say customers will not be allowed to change the toppings on any of its new artisan line of pizzas.

Have people seen these new Dominos commercials?  The ones where they say you can’t switch the toppings on their Artisan pizzas. Everytime they come on I make an audible “Pfft” sound out of disgust.   To the point last night the First Lady asked me what was wrong.   Well I’ve had enough of this shit.   Umm who the fuck does Dominos think they are? Hey Dominos if I show up and tell you to put peppers and onions on my artisan pizza. you better fucking damn well put peppers and onions on my pizza. You’re not the fucking French Laundry. Get out of my face with this hardo shit. You don’t tell drunk people what toppings they can have on shitty pizza. The only reason people order Dominos is because no place else is open and they are shitfaced. That’s it. Know your role.