So like everybody I’ve always heard the rumors that Will Smith sneaky had the gay. I never wanted to believe it though. Like not the Fresh Prince. Not the guy who penned arguably the greatest summer jam of all time. But it’s tough to argue with this video. I mean why did he get so mad? It reminds me of all the homos in our comment section who bash Lambert just so nobody will accuse them of having the gay. Seriously what was Will Smith trying to prove here? Just laugh it off bro. But whatever you do don’t give a limp wristed backhand slap and say “he’s lucky I didn’t sucker punch him.” Well you didn’t. You gay slapped him. Bottomline is everybody knows gayballs can spot another gayball a mile away. That’s what happened here. Gay on gay crime. This gay reporter wanted to out Will Smith and that’s exactly what he did.

PS – Yes the laugh track was a nice touch.