Yahoo – This summer, Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner will attempt to break the world record for the longest jump, plummeting more than 23 miles from the Earth’s stratosphere. To prepare for the jump, Baumgartner will breath pure oxygen for nearly an hour to remove nitrogen bubbles from his blood. He will then stay at the peak elevation for three hours, allowing his body to adjust. He will then jump in a pressurized suit that will prevent his blood from boiling at the extremely high elevation.

This guy has to be the biggest hardo in the history of earth right? Like I thought the guy who ran the marathon while juggling was a hardo. Nope. He don’t have shit on this guy. Seriously who skydives from fucking Outer Space? Assholes that’s who. And how do you freefall anyway? I thought there was no gravity in space? Shouldn’t he just float around up there? That would be the best. If instead of falling he just floated aimlessly around the stratosphere the rest of his life. Became like a constellation or something. Then on really clear nights you could point to the sky and be like see that star? That’s the fucking Hardo star bro. Yup that’s the guy who tried to skydive from space and ended up getting stuck in the galaxy like a motherfucker. Poetic justice if I’ve ever seen it. This has to happen.