So as everybody knows BC won the National Championship in hockey Saturday Night. Well immediately after the game I took to twitter to ask the same question I just asked in this blog. Would BC fans trade all their national titles in hockey for a BCS win or Final Four appearance?   While some Superfans said they’d make that trade in a heartbeat we also had pucksluts like former Intern Molly acting outraged and bros pissed at me saying I was just jealous of BC and trying to downplay their success. I got to be honest. I was sort of surprised by the people saying I was dismissing college hockey because I didn’t want to give BC credit. Like what planet do these people live on?

Listen Michigan won two national titles in hockey when I was there and I would have traded them both in a nanosecond for 1 tournament win. It’s nothing against BC.  It’s nothing against hockey.  It’s just an absolute fact that the only two college sports that matter are football and basketball. Everything else is child’s play compared to those two. Doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about hockey, baseball, lax, soccer etc. You just can’t compare them to what it’s like to win in the other two. The only people watching BC vs. Ferris State Saturday night were students who went to those two schools and family members.  That’s it. Nobody else gave a fuck. That’s not me hating on BC. That’s just a fact.  So I ask again not only to BC kids but to everybody. Would you rather win a million college national titles in a 2nd tier sport like college hockey or make it to 1 Final Four or a BCS title game? Again for me it’s an absolute no brainer. Give me power sports all day long and twice on Sunday.

Vote 1 for even though only 3 conferences play hockey I’ll still take the title and 10 for any Superfan who says they wouldn’t trade all their hockey success and beating up on the Ferris States’ of the world for 1 Final Four is a moron

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