So yesterday Feitleberg (who apparently may have down syndrome) and Sales Guy decided they were going to do an impromptu 10 questions with me. Nothing to crazy, but a bunch of people seem to have been surprised by me saying I’d rather own a cat than a daughter. Really? I assume every red blooded male would say the same thing. It’s nothing against daughters. I’m sure once you have a daughter you love the shit out of her. But make no mistake about it. No matter how cute and daughtery she is eventually she’s going to go to college and end up getting the shit stuffed out of her. No thanks. That’s why as much as I despise cats I’d pick a cat everyday of the week and twice on Sunday. No brainer right? But just for the sake of conversation I’ll throw it up for a vote.

Would you rather own a cat or a daughter. Vote 1 for cat and 10 for daughter

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