Fox Ends Boycott of WEEI And Thanks Them For Sending Kirk Minihane A Message That His Comments Were Inapproriate

erin_andrews_gq21 - As it turns out, Kirk Minihane’s weeklong suspension from WEEI for comments he made about Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews will last longer than the network’s revocation of advertising from all stations owned by parent company Entercom. On Friday, Fox banned its personalities from appearing on WEEI and pulled all advertising from Entercom’s 100-plus stations nationwide in response to the station’s initial decision not to punish Minihane. The network was apparently appeased by WEEI’s announcement later Friday — after the ads were pulled — that Minihane was suspended. Fox informed Entercom Wednesday afternoon that the advertising, which industry sources have estimated at a little more than $1 million, would be restored. “We appreciate Entercom’s recognition and response to the inappropriate comments made by the WEEI host,’’ said Fox Sports senior vice president of media relations Lou D’Ermilio in a statement. “It is our sincere hope both organizations can now move forward.”


Well I think this Fox guy just did it the impossible. In 2 weeks filled with idiotic statements and even more idiotic and hypocritical apologies this cat Lou D’Ermilio just topped them all. We “appreciate Entercom’s recognition and response to the inappropriate comments?” Really bro? WEEI stood by the comments. I think they even said “the Triumphant Return of Kirk Minihane” after he called Andrews a gutless bitch the first time. The only reason Minihane got suspended is because you guys pulled your advertising budget and spanked WEEI. It had nothing to do with them recognizing or acknowledging that he said something inappropriate. So spare me how you appreciated WEEI’s response. No you didn’t. You gave them no choice. You punched them in the gut and watched them crumble.

By elpresidente posted July 31st, 2014 at 11:15 AM

Chrissy Teigen Squirting Cream Into Her Mouth Is A Wildly/Strangely Erotic Instagram





Feel like Costanza right now. Food and sex have now been combined in my mind. I love donuts, I love frosting, I love seeing facials. Now the worlds have been combined. I can’t unsee them. I’m going to stroll into Dunkin this morning and get a donut and next think you know I’m going to be standing in the corner, breathing heavily, and all flushed with an erection. But at least I know that when I do get arrested I’ll be able to show the cops this Insta and they’ll completely understand.



By feitelberg posted July 31st, 2014 at 10:40 AM

Sox Rent Lester To The A’s For Yoenis Céspedes (And Jonny Gomes Was A Throw In)



LOVE IT!  Literally can’t like this move any more.   Cespedes has the chance to be a legit superstar.   He’s got pop coming out of his ears.     Will be a routine 30-120 HR guy at Fenway.   And what did it take to get him?  Renting out Jon Lester for 2 months.  BRILLIANT MOVE!    I honestly couldn’t have handpicked a better team to trade Lester to either.  The A’s don’t have the money to sign him long term.  There is no trickery going on here.  The A’s know it’s a rental.  The Sox know it’s a rental.  And most importantly Lester knows it’s a rental.   Bottomline is that anybody who doesn’t think Jon Lester will be wearing a Red Sox uniform next year is a pea brain plain and simple.  What a day to be a Red Sox fan!  Only thing that could be better would be being in contention.  But you can’t win every year and when you don’t you might as well swindle the rest of MLB and load up for the future.

PS – I’m not going to reblog what I wrote 3 days ago for all the idiots who think he’s gone, but here it is.   Do me a favor and read a book one time….

In case you missed my blog on why Lester will be here next year here it is.



BREAKING NEWS:  - A baseball just flew threw my window that Cespedes hit 2 days ago in Houston!

By elpresidente posted July 31st, 2014 at 10:04 AM

John Harbaugh Basically Says That Ray Rice Is Nothing Short of An American Hero For Admitting That Knocking His Girlfriend Unconscious Was Wrong




OWINGS MILLS, Md.On the eve of Ray Rice addressing the media, Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh continued to support his starting running back, saying he was “disappointed” in the domestic violence incident but was “proud” in what he’s done since. “I hate what happened. What happened was wrong. Flat out,” Harbaugh told reporters after Wednesday’s training camp practice. “The thing I appreciate about it is how Ray has handled it afterward by acknowledging it was wrong and he’ll do everything he can do to make it right. That’s what you ask for when someone does a wrong thing. So, I’m proud of him for that.” I love the way he’s handled it.”


Are the Ravens from earth? Seriously are they from earth? I mean Harbaugh is making it sound like Ray Rice is a role model now for admitting that what he did was wrong. Umm the dude didn’t get caught smoking weed. He didn’t get a DUI. He knocked his girlfriend unconscious. It should take a little bit more than a “I fucked up” before you nominate him for the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award. Seriously I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here. I guess though when you play for the Ravens and Ray Lewis kills a guy and never admits he did anything wrong Ray Rice looks like Gandhi compared to that.

By elpresidente posted July 31st, 2014 at 9:30 AM

Wake Up With Danica Thrall


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By feitelberg posted July 31st, 2014 at 9:00 AM

Barstool Sports Instagram Smokeshow of the Day

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Barstool Rundown July 30 Featuring Jared Lorenzen

Part 2

Rundown Aftershow

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By handsomehank posted July 30th, 2014 at 7:09 PM

Stop The Damn Fight!




What did I say yesterday?   If you take a shot at the king you best not miss?  Well poor Orlando Bloom is learning that the hard way.  Bieber has wrapped in a cocoon of horror the likes of which these eyes have never seen before.  I mean I like a good fight as much as the next guy, but this is actually tough to watch.  Poor guy has kids to think about.   You think Bieber gives a fuck though?  Some guys just like to watch the world burn.

By elpresidente posted July 30th, 2014 at 5:59 PM
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