Billy Butler Gets Into #Verlandering As Royals Get Ready To Play Tigers




And Billy Butler is my new favorite player in Major League Baseball.    Awesome.   #Verlandering.  Everybody’s doing it.


PS – Verlander has to hit em right?


- Thanks to Jordan for the tip

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EA SPORTS And NHL 15′s Search For Barstool’s Best Hockey City Continues

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 1.44.24 PM


Kinda gives the answer away, doesn’t it?



As we mentioned, we’ve got the ongoing battle for the best hockey city at Barstool. EA SPORTS and NHL ’15 are looking to bring the best fan from each city to Boston for a chance to compete for $1,000,  an Xbox one, and a copy of NHL ’15.

As of right now, my unbiased opinion says Boston is dominating. We’ve gotten a million tweets  that prove why #HockeyIsBetterInBoston. Everything from Cam Neely was in Dumb and Dumber (a surprisingly valid reason) to the National Anthem after the Marathon Bombing to the Stanley Cup parade pictures. It’s all gold and no other city at Barstool can compete with any of it (save for Chicago with the last one but shhhh). So keep the tweets that explain why #HockeyIsBetterInBoston coming and give yourself a chance to win.


 Click for Rules

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Let’s Play “What The Fuck Is Wrong With Feitelberg’s Arm?” (Maybe NSFL)

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 12.36.33 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 12.36.23 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 12.36.17 PM





New game! We don’t ask a lot of our readers. Watch a 30 second DraftKings ad every day, deal with the occasional re-blog, and diagnose our medical problems until we one day get healthcare. Nothing out of the ordinary. This morning I woke up with this on my arm. Never been there before and I have no idea what it is. If I go on WebMD I have a feeling I’ll eventually diagnose myself with gonorrhea of the forearm or something, so instead I’m asking you and hoping we have a doctor stoolie or at the very least someone who watched an episode of House last night. Its texture is rubbery, kind of feels like a balloon. It doesn’t hurt at all, just looks disgusting. My first guess is a spider bite? Would that make sense? Or do I have fucking melanoma? God that would suck. Do I belong in a hospital room right now? Am I going to die like any second? And, most importantly, can I pop it?


Editors Note…The thing that grew in my mouth jumped onto Feits arm?   Do I win.





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Middlebury Students Near Riot Stage Because Administration Cancelled Tailgating At Football Games

Middlebury College homecoming 2013 10/26/13






From: Public Safety <<>>

Date: September 16, 2014 at 1:52:25 PM EDT
To: All Faculty <<>>, All Staff <<>>, students <<>>
Cc: Public Safety <<>>
Subject: Changes in the Tailgate Policy

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff:

We are writing to explain that Middlebury College is making a significant change to its policy governing tailgate gatherings at home football games to bring these policies into alignment with other athletic events.

Effective today, Tuesday, September 16, 2014, no alcoholic beverages of any kind will be permitted in the designated tailgate area. We are taking this step to ensure that we are able to provide a safe, healthy and welcoming environment for all fans and athletes. We also believe this new policy is consistent with NESCAC’s sportsmanship statement, which states “It is incumbent upon NESCAC host institutions to provide a hospitable environment for contests to be played with an emphasis on fair play and an absolute ban on the consumption of alcoholic beverages by spectators.” It has become increasingly clear that the consumption of alcohol in the tailgate area is inconsistent with this philosophy.

The new tailgate policy<> is located on line under the College’s Residential Life Party Policies.

Venues, Parking Lots and Tailgate Area

1. The Department of Public Safety will designate the tailgate area for use during any athletic event.

2. The Tailgate area will open for parking 4 hours before the start of the game (weather permitting).

3. Alcohol is prohibited at all athletic venues, parking lots and the tailgate area.

4. Amplified music is not allowed at or near athletic venues, parking lots and the tailgate area.

5. Restroom facilities are located in the stadium. People at the tailgate area must use the restroom facilities in the stadium and are not permitted to cross the highway into the woods.

We look forward to a successful athletic season and to your support of these important changes.

Katy Smith Abbott, Dean of Students
Lisa Burchard, Director of Public Safety Erin Quinn, Director of Athletics


 Click to Read Student Response



First things first. I had no idea Middlebury even played football nevermind had tailgates. Is this like School Ties shit? Anyways I’ve gotten a bunch of emails with Middlebury students getting ready to pick up their pitchforks and torches and who are on the verge of rioting. Now before I rant and rave about this situation let me say I read the Op-Ed piece about it in the Middlebury Newspaper and it sums up the situation perfectly. It highlighted the underlying double standard that almost every school administrator has and is my #1 pet peeve in life. Schools like Middlebury love to claim their mission is to teach their students to be responsible adults and critical thinkers. But when push comes to shove they unilaterally make decisions like these without an ounce of student input and then refuse to give logical answers that explain their rational. In other words they treat everybody like kindergarten students incapable of using their brains. It flies in the face of everything college administrators claim their college is about. This type of decision making process is something they wouldn’t allow students to get away with and actively teach against. So I’m not going to debate how stupid it is to ban loud music or alcohol for 21 year olds at a tailgate.  Instead the much larger issue really is that school administrators need a complete paradigm shift. As long as they view college as elementary school for teenagers they are absolute frauds in everything they say and do.

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Reader Email – Rate How Big Of A Savage Move It Is To Eat Corn on the Cob on the Orange Line



Reader Email

Is this the most ruthless snack of all time? Orange line – straight corn on the cob during rush hour 


Has to be all time top 10 savage move right?  And how about her eating it upside down?  What’s that all about?    It’s like she’s sucking on the top like it’s a pacifier.  If you’re gonna bring corn on the cob on the subway at least have the dignity to eat it the right way.   Anyway I’m trying to think of what can be a more diabolical subway snack than corn on the cob?  Maybe Smartfood without napkins?   That’s really all I got?



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Independent Report Blames All the Blarney Blowout Problems On Umass Administration and Amherst Police

 (Blarney Recap)


AMHERST, Mass. (AP)A new report examining what went wrong at the so-called Blarney Blowout parties in Amherst last March faults both UMass for failing to recognize the potential for things to get out of hand and the town of Amherst’s police for the premature use of pepper spray to disperse crowds. Davis’ 65-page report says town police were “overwhelmed and unprepared.” UMass Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy and Amherst John Musante say they are taking seriously the report’s recommendations for avoiding similar problems in the future.

Umass really spent 200K for Ed Davis to tell them that they are morons? All they had to do was read the same blog I’ve written since they banned Barstool from campus in 2010.  As a reminder this is what I wrote the day after last year’s Blarney Blowout.

March 9th 2014

How about instead of sending threatening emails that basically only incite everybody to party harder you work with the students. That’s what I’ve never understood about the Umass administration. They just don’t seem to have brains. There is nothing you can do to stop this event. So rather than having the riot police on speed dial why don’t you try to work out a compromise? Tell people the party ends at 3 or 4pm. Get students to agree to it. Get everybody on the same page. Don’t invade the townhouses at the crack of noon like it’s the Invasion of Normandy. That’s why there were 73 arrests. Because there were 9 million cops in riot gear with a zero tolerance policy busting up a party that wasn’t ready to end. I just refuse to believe there can’t be a happy medium. There has to be a way to let this event continue and keep the peace. There has to be. Like put the 4pm deadline on it and then slowly coax people who won’t leave rather than sending in the Swat team. I think they’d be surprised with the results.

Facts are the Umass administration is too dumb to change. This year the Umass administration is literally paying the bars in Amherst not to open till 5pm for Halfway to Blarney. Don’t these fools get it? This is just going to infuriate the students and force everybody to get twice as drunk off campus. As long as the Umass administration makes zero effort to work with students and think they can shut these events down totally there is always going to be chaos. It’s just mind boggling how they can’t seem to get this through their pea brained skulls.

PS – I’m turning into an old man. I swore I’d get back to Umass when they banned us 5 years ago. I’d say there is a 95% chance I’ll get arrested but the Pirate Flag has to sail on the Amherst seas one last time.

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If We’re Being Totally Honest I Think I’d Rather Go To These Two Dachshunds Wedding Than KFC’s Wedding



Don’t get me wrong I’m sure KFC’s wedding will be fun and all, but dogs are dogs. Plus these dogs will probably be satisfied with a couple milk bones as their wedding gift and KFC will probably be dropping subtle jokes about how I cheaped out for the next decade even if I gave him a castle. Of course if Duncan is gonna be at KFC’s that’s a game changer. I’ve been wanting to meet him forever.

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The First Man To Get The iPhone 6 Is Interviewed Exiting The Store Annnnnnnd Whoops He Dropped It




What’s the pro here? Why do this interview? Like if I was the first guy in the country to get an iPhone 6 I’d walk out of that place with my guard up to a million. I’d assume everyone is stalking me and trying to rob me, like when Kramer leaves the OTB after winning big, I’d be constantly running. There’s no benefit to being the first guy on the news showing off his iPhone, it’s not like you’re kids in elementary school anymore and some girl might kiss you because you were the first guy to get a PlayStation. Best case scenario with stopping to get interviewed is nothing bad happens, worst case is you drop your phone and crack the screen on national TV then go viral for being an idiot.

By feitelberg posted September 19th, 2014 at 10:01 AM
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