I posted this late last night.  I got to post it again.   Now here is the thing. Once our tour gets underway Sales Guy starts running out of time to make his party videos. Kid is like Cameron Crowe with Avatar. He would have been working on the DCU video for the next 2 years trying to make it perfect. So I just said fuck it. We’ll do it live. Let’s just throw together the raw footage. No editing. No tricks. We can’t even figure out to post this thing in high def.  Anyway people want to know why we sold 6,000 tickets to this thing? This is why. Because we’ve redefined partying in the United Sates. There are lots of other fraud companies out there saying they do what we do or that they have the world’s largest foam parties. Newflash they don’t.  They don’t even come close. We do.  This is the big leagues. Put on your big boy pants.  In fact not only do we literally have the biggest foam party in the world we have the biggest touring party in the country period. Footage don’t lie. Neither do we.

PS – Somebody pass this along to KO Barstool. We’re coming to Boston Oct. 10th and 11th. NEU is the 10th. BU is the 11th. Tickets on sale for NEU Wednesday at noon and Thursday at noon for BU. To quote Stu Feiner if it seems like I always win that’s because I do.


BUFFALO – Saturday Sept 29th (Buy Tickets)

BOSTON  -October 10th (On Sale Wed at Noon)

BOSTON – October 11th (On Sale Thurs at Noon)

ESU – Oct 12th  SOLD OUT

Atlantic City – Oct 13th (Buy Tickets)

Albany – Oct 18th (Buy Tickets)

Hartford XL Center – Oct 20th (Buy Tickets)

Trenton NJ – Oct 25th (Buy Tickets)

Marist – Oct 26th (Buy Tickets)

Rochester – Oct 27th (Buy Tickets)

Raleigh – Nov 2nd (Buy Tickets)

Coastal Carolina – Nov 15th (Buy Tickets)


And if you want this circus to come to town email blackout@barstoolsports.com with where to go and we’ll tell you how to make this shit happen….