DOVER The days of enjoying a game or rivalry unfold with friends and classmates under the Friday night lights at Dunaway Field at Dover High School may be numbered after a proposal raised by a member of the School Board Monday evening. Board member Paul Butler, a retired physician, stated his concerns related to the effects of concussions suffered by football players during the game and shared what he feels is the duty of the “governors of the school district,” ending the game of football altogether before lawsuits and lawyers require the district to do so. He encouraged people to look into the work of Chris Nowinski, a former Harvard University football player turned wrestler who had some concussions throughout his career and went on to start a brain trauma research facility with Boston University.

This is the definition of Pussification of America. An academic who has too much time on his hands and feels like he is smarter than everybody else on the planet and that it is his duty to protect everybody from themselves because the general public is too stupid to do it themselves. Listen the ONLY reason concussions in sports is an issue is because we live in a world where everybody sues everybody now. That’s it. Everybody is trying to protect their own ass at the expense of actually letting people live their lives. It sucks.

The bottomline is there is always going to be an element of risk when you play contact sports. People are always going to get hurt. It was that way 100 years ago and it will be that way 100 years from now. But out of the millions of kids who play sports growing up how many of them are effected by concussion issues? .000000001 percent?  How many Dover players have ever been effected?  Zero?  What are you protecting people against?  You have a better chance of getting run over by a car than suffering from post concussion syndrome. So why would anybody waste one breath talking about getting rid of football? It makes no sense. Like why is football suddenly a hot button when there are sports like MMA, boxing, auto racing and shit? Newsflash… yes you can get injured playing sports. You want to make kids sign a waiver to play football saying it could cause brain damage then make them sign a waiver. Let parents and kids decide for themselves. We don’t need big brother telling us what we can and can’t do. And for all the studies saying football is dangerous there are 10 times as many more studies extolling the benefits of playing team sports in the development of kids. Just shut the fuck up and let people live.

PS – If people really want to make football safer they should go back to leather helmets.   It’s painful how obvious the solution is.  We’ll see who leads with their head wearing a leather hat.