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Seems like a busy day at the stool so hopefully this doesn’t go unnoticed because it’s so absurd it needs to be shared. So last week the students of Trinity College in Hartford received an email from the president that outlined new changes to the social scene that will be put in place starting next semester. These changes were not open to student input and are final. To summarize the 3 biggest bullshit changes: 1) every fraternity and sorority will no longer be able to pledge potential members, so kids show up at rush and are immediately brothers/sisters. 2) Every frat/sorority has to become co-ed, by the fall of 2014 every frat needs to be at least 15% female, by 2020 they need to be at least 45%. 3) Any student wishing to join a frat/sorority must have at least a 3.2 GPA. GPA deal isn’t that big a deal but are you fucking shitting me with the co-ed and no pledging thing? Its trinity so all this has to do with old money and the implementation is very questionable but i’ll spare you the details. Also, must of these frats and sororities have national charters that say if they do anyone of this then they will lose national support and essentially die, of course trinity doesn’t give a fuck. Anyone who fails to comply or attempts to move their frat/sorority underground will be expelled.

At first i wrote out all my views on the matter but figured you’d do a better job ripping this pussified, overly PC bullshit apart so il let you have at it

Heres the link to the new plan so you know I’m not just bullshitting you, they make it sound a lot softer in this but trust me, this is some of the pussiest shit I’ve ever been exposed to and they fully intend to carry this out

Also, not gonna pretend that anyone gives a fuck about trinity college but just in case people care enough to stop the downfall of america to the hands of the overly PC, fem-nazi powers that be, heres a link to a petition that may or not mean shit: 



Coed frats may be the funniest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.  So basically there is no difference between a fraternity and a sorority now?  It’s unisex.    And anybody can join any of them they want by just saying “I Join!”   Like calling shotgun for front seat or something.    Hilarious.   And chicks live at the frats I presume?  That should work out well.   Rape city baby!    Awesome idea Trinity.

Seriously though here is the thing.   If the Trinity administration wants to get rid of greek life that’s their call.   School administrators can do whatever the fuck they want to do.    They don’t have to listen to anybody or anything.  It’s like being the dictator of a facist country.   You just beat down all opposition with brute force.   You don’t have to listen to logic, reason or reality.    But at least have the balls to say what you’re doing.  Say whatever you want about Hitler but he was straight with people.   He was like I hate Jews and am gonna kill em.    He didn’t beat around the bush like Trinity is doing here trying to say they are improving Greek Life.   You are murdering Greek Life.  I know it. You know it. Everybody knows it.  Stop being cowards and hiding behind the farce that you are trying to help.  No you’re not.    Fucking cowards.