WEEI – A drop in the ratings has led to a drop in salary for Glenn Ordway. According to industry sources, the longtime WEEI host had his reported $1 million annual salary cut in half by station owner Entercom earlier this month. The company took advantage of a clause in the contract Ordway signed in January 2009 that gave it an out if his afternoon drive program, “The Big Show,’’ failed to meet a certain standard in the Arbitron ratings. Sources said Entercom could opt out of the contract if “The Big Show’’ failed to finish among the top three stations in the Boston market for a particular demographic in a specific number of consecutive Arbitron books. “The Big Show’’ finished fifth in the men 25-54 demographic in the spring book with a 5.5 share. In the winter book, it was fourth (6.1).Ordway was approached in early September and given what amounted to an ultimatum, according to sources: agree to have his salary significantly cut, or his job may be in jeopardy.Ordway was contacted by telephone last night but would not comment on the record.

Are people starting to put the puzzle pieces together? Are people starting to understand why Glenn Ordway talked about Babygate for 383 straight hours? Because he needed to boost his ratings. That’s it. I mean I knew he was in trouble when he begged me to do a weekly guest appearance on his show, but I didn’t know it was this bad. Dude is about to get fired. No wonder he’s running around like a chicken with his head cut off. Fire Pete Sheppard. Bring in Michael Holley. Ask El Pres to join the show. Bring in Mikey Adams. Just grasping at straws. You almost got to feel for him. Like imagine living in a world where you actually think people listen to you because you’re talented and have a good show only to find out it’s because there were no other options? It’s kind of like when Rocky loses to Clubber Lang. He realizes he’s just a paper champion. I mean the second the Sports Hub showed up everybody jumped ship. You could almost hear the entire city scream “Finally!” together. On the bright side though he did basically steal millions of dollars from Entercom since it’s now a proven fact that literally anybody could have done his job as well as he did. He was just in the right place at the right time. So in that light I won’t lose too much sleep knowing he’s about to become unemployed.