Browardpalmbeach – The 17th-annual South Florida Tattoo Expo was held at the Marriott Hotel, Golf Club & Convention Center at Heron Bay in Coral Springs over the weekend. The event featured hot music, hot cars, burlesque shows, and plenty of ink. Our video staff (led by our County Grind music blog editor, Liz Tracy) hit the expo and discovered the latest tattoo trend that is about to take the nation by storm: getting your asshole tatted up.

You want to know something weird.   The thing that caught me most off guard during this white trash diva video was not the actual act of of her getting her asshole tatted up.   It wasn’t watching her smoke a butt, do shots and virtually have an orgasm as her anus got demolished.   Nope for some reason it was when she said “22 Deuce Deuces!”   Like I literally spit out my coffee at that point and I wasn’t even drinking any.  Just struck me as really funny for some reason.   Deuce Deuces!   Like I think I’m just going to start dropping that on people for no reason.   It’s gonna be my new calling card.   Pump fist with a Deuce Deuces!   And the fact I’m quoting a girl with an asshole tattoo makes it that much better.  Done and done.

PS – I hate tattoos on chicks but if a chick wanted to get a “Davey Pageviews” asshole tattoo I wouldn’t hate on her for it.   Deuce Deuces!