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Honestly if you’re the rest of the world what scares you more? Chad Johnson looking fit and ready to fucking dominate in Pats gear or the fact that Tom Brady cut his hair? Seriously that’s the most not talked about biggest fucking story in the history of America. Tom Brady cut his fucking hair! I don’t want to read too much into that but I think the message is pretty clear. I’m done fucking around. It’s back to basics. Short hair, domination and winning superbowls. Like somebody needs to tell Dr. Foot Fetish that beating Brady with long hair is like beating up Clark Kent when he voluntarily gave up his super powers in Superman II. Now that he’s gone back to short hair I got to assume he’s invincible again. It’s a reverse Sampson thing.   Seriously all this guy does with short hair is win superbowls.

PS – That Ocho Cinco shirt had to be the biggest no brainer in the history of earth right?  And we even ordered XXXL for super fat dudes.