TSG - Investigators report that McCosby has confessed to assaulting the boy. The assault came after the teenager–who was cutting grass in front of his family’s home–drove a riding mower “on the road, apparently into the path of” McCosby’s oncoming vehicle, cops reported. After exiting his car, McCosby approached the boy and “knocked the juvenile off the lawn mower and assaulted him in the front yard of the residence,” investigators alleged. In announcing McCosby’s arrest, cops noted that, “After the assault, and prior to fleeing the scene, McCosby got onto his knee in what appeared to be a prayer. Witnesses described it as a ‘Tebow’.”

This is an update to a story that Kmarko blogged a couple weeks ago. Now I didn’t think it was possible but Milton Waddam’s mugshot made what was already the funniest story in the history of the internet that much funnier. Like I don’t know anything about this cat other than the fact he clotheslined this kid off his lawnmower and Tebowed afterwards, but I promise you this much. I would follow him into the bowels of hell if he asked me to. Automatic top 100 video of the year. Automatic.