ABC - Nantucket in July, the perfect place to wile away the long summer days taking in some sun, flying a kite, building a sand castle or wrestling a shark. Elliot Sudal, 24, who recently moved to Nantucket, Mass., from Florida to take a job at a mooring company, was captured in an incredible image wrestling a seven-foot shark onto shore on Sunday. He said it is his favorite hobby. “First of all, I’m obsessed with fishing,” Sudal told ABC News. “I’ve caught over 100 sharks in the last eight months. It’s my favorite thing to do.” The Nantucket Police Marine Department confirmed to ABC News that Sudol really did wrestle the shark ashore. Sudal said he was out fishing for bluefish when he sensed there were sharks lurking nearby. “It just kind of seemed sharky,” he said. “There was something coming by and chomping them [the bluefish] in half. I thought, ‘It’s got to be a shark.’”

Sudal said he grappled with the shark on the fishing rod for about 45 minutes before it tired. He then handed the rod to his cousin and charged into the waves. “The crazy part is you have to run into the water and grab it by the tail and put it on shore,” said Sudal. He said about 20 spectators had gathered on shore to witness him drag the shark to shore. “Everyone was freaking out, I got a slow clap when I was walking away,” he said. “I’ve been fishing for everything since I was a kid,” said Sudal. “I got into this shark thing about two years ago. It’s just like this epic battle between you and this sea beast. You cant go back to a little fish after that. Everything else is bait.”

This fucking guy huh? Catching sharks is his favorite thing to do? He sensed it was sharky out there? He got a fucking slow clap after he dragged the shark to shore. Not a normal clap mind you. A slow clap. The most devastating off all claps.

Well how convenient he picked the one day I was in New York and not in Nantucket to wrestle sharks. Dude everybody knows I’m the biggest, baddest shark guy on this island. Me not you. I’m the one selling the Jaws shirts. Stop trying to steal my shine. That’s it. Name your beach and I’ll be there with bells on. We’ll see who wrestles the first shark to the shore.  Not like going down the pond chasin’ bluegills and tommycods. This shark, swallow you whole. Little shakin’, little tenderizin’, an’ down you go.