FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski said he apologized to team owner Robert Kraft after pictures of him with an adult film star appeared on Twitter during the team’s bye week. “I didn’t send anything to hurt the reputation of anyone on the New England Patriots or on behalf of Robert Kraft,” said Gronkowski. “That’s all, just a simple picture, that’s all. From here on out, I’m just here to talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers and the big game this weekend.” Pressed on the matter, Gronkowski tried to steer the conversation toward the Steelers. Asked if he had any regrets about the incident, Gronkowski reiterated his sentiment on the matter. “[I was] not intending to hurt anyone or ruin the reputation of the New England Patriots in any way. [It's a] good organization here… I can’t wait to get out to practice and focus on the Pittsburgh Steelers. That’s all I’m worried about, it’s all I care about.”

Everybody knows I love Gronk. I’ve loved him from Day 1. I just hope that shit like this doesn’t change who he is or jade him or anything like that. Because it’s precisely stuff like this which makes him so appealing. Same shit that makes the Bruins and NHL guys so likeable, but is far more rare in the NFL. Rob Gronkowski doesn’t hide who he is. Never has. Hopefully he never will. He is the same dude who after he got drafted I got at least 100 emails from Arizona kids telling me we’d love Gronk and he is a great guy. I’m talking emails from normal guys who partied with him and loved him.

He is a breath of fresh air. Somebody who does all the things you’d do if you were an NFL player. Living large. Enjoying life. Trying to get laid. What is wrong with that? That picture of him with the Bibi Jones? Funny. Him tweeting Kate Upton pictures of him holding phallic symbols? Funny. Him going ham at frat parties grinding on girls? Funny. It’s all funny harmless shit that every red blooded male in the world would do in his situation and I love the fact he doesn’t hide it.

Bottomline is I love Gronk because he has no agenda. He is the exact opposite of most pro athletes nowadays who would rather die than let you see how they live. I’d rather root for guys like Gronk than anybody else. Somebody who seems to appreciate where he is, genuinely enjoys life, seems like he’d play football for free, doesn’t look at fans as a nuisance and you could see yourself slugging beers with and chasing gash. Life isn’t that serious. Everybody needs to lighten up and let Gronk be Gronk because sports is way better with guys like him than without him.

PS – Having said all that Gronk and Bibi jones trying to say they didn’t fuck is one of the all time farces in the history of mankind.