Ok I’m sick of waiting for a Chicago writer to present himself.     I’m ready to hire more writers with or without Chicago.   I want the best of the fucking best.    I want to turn this joint into the Top Gun of blogs.   If you’re not in the top 1% of 1% get out of my face.    These are obviously paid gigs.   Real fucking life changing shit.  I don’t know how many writers I’m going to hire.   1,3,5 or what?    I haven’t found anybody that has blown me away in years.    I don’t care if you already have a writing gig.   I’ll beat it.   It’s time to take this shit next level on people.

So if you’re interested in writing about dumb shit and partying with hot girls send us a sample blog link.   Do not send resumes because I don’t give a shit.     All I care about is whether I think you’re a good blogger.  That’s it.  The only way for me to tell is by reading a current blog of yours.   Not one entry.   If you don’t already have an existing blog than set up a sample one and keep it updated for a day and send me the link.   If you send me it I promise you I’ll read it.  I can’t reply to everybody who applies but trust me if you’re what I’m looking for I will get back to you.    Otherwise I appreciate the interest.   Oh and if you’re over 30 don’t bother.  We’re trying to get younger not Jerryier.

Send all blog links to writers@barstoolsports.com