The funniest part about all these Wrestling /Miami Heat mashups is how little verbiage has to be changed to make it work perfectly. Every villian press conference can apply directly to the Heat.   Too fucking funny.    In fact if Lebron would just embrace the role of the bad guy I may actually start to root for him because I fucking love rooting for the bad guy.   I mean if he came out and said “Fuck Cleveland.  Fuck those ugly bitches that live there.   Place is a dump.   Fuck them.   Fuck Spoelstra.  This is my team.  I’m going to shoot Delonte West in the temple for fucking my mother”   I’d tip my cap to him.     Or better yet if he brought Dan Gilbert out for “The Decision” shook his hand and then hit him over the head with a steel chair when he wasn’t looking.   The problem of course is that Lebron doesn’t realize he’s the heel yet which ruins it.    He still thinks people love him and is still trying to be Mr. Nicey Nice and not in a Kurt Angle type of way either.   He really doesn’t get it.  That I can’t root for.