Okay I ripped Gronk earlier for his post game celebration with LMFAO.    Well I’ve officially done a 180 after seeing this.   I mean this was unreal.  Like it put a smile on my face for the first time in 24 hours.   He is just going so fucking ham here.    And it’s the way he’s doing it too.  It’s not Varitek and Papelbon in a private room popping bottles.   He has Pats fans all around him.  His family.  Just chest bumping strangers and shit.  Grinding on girls.    Shuffling.     The only thing that is weird is his ankle seems like it was 110%, but either way I’m not going to hate on it.  I can’t.   Some guys just need to party at all times.  Gronk is that motherfucker.   He’s a fucking machine.  An absolute animal.   A rare breed.     I take back everything I said about him earlier.   Gronks have to party.  They have to.  It’s in their DNA.    He’s been that way since the second he got drafted and his entire family did the Gronk chant, right through the lockout, right into the Bibi Jones thing and now this.  It’s who he is. Gronk for life.  Yo Soy Fiesta indeed.

PS – I think this video is better that it was all dudes.   He’s just blowing off steam.