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I fucking love Bill Belichick. Can’t get enough of him. Show me a picture of Bill and I will laugh out loud every time. He’s like your grandfather that’s always so miserable it’s just funny. Always has that scowl on his face, always angry about something, to the point where his misery becomes hysterical. Like that angry face you make when trying to pump out one more rep? That’s just Bill’s resting face. Nonetheless, never would have pictured Belichick as the kind of guy to go to the gym with his girlfriend and spot each other and shit. Then again, I never thought of him as the guy who wore receiver gloves in the gym or a guy who’d allow a mid-set Instagram. Guess he’s just a constant mystery, an onion with more layers than we could ever imagine.


PS – Belichick has to get buried in a grey, cut-off sweatshirt, right? When you’ve got a look, you’ve got a look. Death doesn’t change that.