I finally grew sick and tired of seeing how awesome our videos looking on Sales Guy’s computer and then how shitty they looked on youtube so I bought a vimeo account.   Watching these things in HD is almost enough to bring a tear to my eye.  Seriously.

Oh and we put one Boston show on sale today and the 2nd one will go on sale tomorrow at noon.  We are opening them up to anybody.  You don’t have to go to NEU or BU to go.



10/11 – BOSTON FOAM (tix on sale tomorrow)


9/27 – DC

9/28 – Richmond

9/29 – Buffalo FOAM

10/5 – Ohio State

10/6 – PITT

10/13 – Atlantic City FOAM

10/18 – Albany FOAM

10/20 – Hartford FOAM

10/25 – Trenton FOAM

10/26 – Marist FOAM

10/27 – Rochester FOAM

11/3 – Raleigh (Fckin Foam)

11/15 – Coastal Carolina (Fckin Foam)