Everybody knows that coaches rants are like my favorite thing in the world. The fact this is a DIII Golf coach makes it that much better. Like Huntingdon College really recruits DIII golfers? Gives them scholarships? Really? That’s wild. I just kept pictured this scene unfolding in one of those minivan with 4 golf bros just sitting there with nowhere to go getting their assess chewed out. “My dad looked at me and asked why the fuck did I recruit these guys!”. Hilarious stuff.   Kind of reminded me of that Bobby Knight speech.   “I had to sit around for a fucking year with an 8-10 record in this fucking league. And I mean you will not put me in that fucking position again. Or you will goddamn pay for it like you can’t fucking believe!. Except instead of running them into the ground he’s gonna make them hit range balls till their hands bleed. Also brings me back to my high school days. Our golf coach was Bob Jauron. IE Dad of Dick Jauron. Army vet. Star athlete. Hard ass. I have no idea what he was doing as the golf coach, but he used to rip into everybody all the time for not being tough enough on the golf course. It was great.

PS – How about the suggestions on how to save strokes on a golf course?   Make a putt?   Gee thanks.  Never thought of that.


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- Junior