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How messed up is this?? My fiancé’s cousin got this on his windshield this AM in New Jersey.


Jesus Christ.  New Jersey really has turned into Escape From LA.   Just pure craziness.   How the hell do you even syphon gas anyway?  I thought you had to be McGuyver to do that.  Seriously  I feel like I could sit there for 3 days and not get one ounce of gas out of a car.  The only possible way I can think of doing it is sticking some gigantic straw down the tank and sipping it into my mouth and then spitting it my gas can.  But I doubt that’s what this guy did though right?

Either way what’s up with the note and the money?   Does he think leaving a note makes siphoning your gas okay?  Like when you have a fender bender?  Umm anytime you’re siphoning gas because nobody has any I don’t think a note and a 10 spot make up for it.  In fact this note would piss me off more than stealing my gas.  Now this asshole thinks we’re even.   That he did a solid by owning up to it. Fuck that shit dude.  We’re not fucking even.   Now I gotta fucking waste my time hating a guy I don’t even know which doubly sucks.  Just steal my gas like a man and be an asshole about it.  At least that I could respect.