Kget – The viral video is so explicit we’re only going to show you blurred still images. With a Katie Perry pop song blaring in the background, the video was posted on the age-protected blog of Alex Torres, a porn star who also moonlighted on weekends as an instructor at Skydive Taft. Torres, who goes by the nickname Voodoo, abruptly removed the video Monday as a Taft Police investigation began to unfold. “I didn’t know it until one of the officers came over from the Taft Police Department and informed me this was going around the kids in school and stuff,” says Dave Chrouch, owner skydive taft. The video shows Torres and Hope Howell, a receptionist at the Skydive School having sex in a plane before jumping out in tandem and continuing the act mid-air. “I was really surprised.” Chrouch says the video was a stunt Torres put together to get the attention of Howard Stern. “Apparently they told my pilot it was ok to do this. And got here early in the morning before anyone got here and shot this.”

Anybody got a link to the hardcore vid?  Couldn’t find it on YouJizz or YouPorn or RedTube or ExtremeTube or JizzHut or XNXX or Spankwire or  X Videos or Tube8 or Burning Camel.   I’m just more curious than anything else about all the logistics.  First of all how do you get a boner?  Isn’t it like freezing cold up there?  With like 500 mph winds blowing your cock around in circle like a weathervane?  Combine that with the fear of plummeting to the Earth from 100 miles up in the sky with nothing to save you but a little sheet off nylon stuffed in a backpack and it all adds up to impotence city.   I’d be curled up in the fetal skydive position with a soft ass baby dick sucking my thumb more likely than laying the pipe on some slut receptionist in tandem doggystyle.   Freefall fuckin is just not my bag although I’ve heard there’s nothing and I mean nothing like delivering a monster cum blast to some chick’s face at terminal velocity.   Like I said just kind of curious to see how it all went down.

PS-  Chick isn’t bad but definitely not “get fucked at 50,000 feet in a death defying stunt” hot.

PS – This was a Kmarko blog but until I trust that everybody reads the Superblog I had to repost it.