So I guess the back story here is somebody asked Randy Couture if he’d ever come out of retirement and he jokingly said only to fight Steven Seagal.  Well somebody told Seagal what he said and in vintage Seagal form he took it dead serious and issued this response.“I have to wonder what his intentions may have been in saying that. I always thought that Randy was my friend and a gentleman. I’m kind of confused why he would say that, but I’m here, anybody can find me any time and any place. If Randy really wants to fight me, he can fight me any time he wants” “It would be for free, and it would be some place where there are no witnesses. I’m hoping it wouldn’t get to that, and I don’t know why it would come about, but if that’s what he wants, he can get it any time he wants.” “I don’t play by the rules. I’m sure one person will walk out. I’m a man of honor. I’m a gentleman, but I am a warrior, and if he needs to find me, he knows where to find me.”

I got to be honest. I’d probably pay 1,000 bucks to watch this fight on pay per view. That’s how bad I want to seecSteven Seagal fight somebody in real life. And I think I’d be rooting for him too. Like nobody wants his death chops and shit to be real more than me. I have no problem with it being a no rules fight either. After all it’s not a real Seagal fight till somebody has been thrown through a mirror a couple time and he’s used his leather jacket as a lethal weapon. But we need witnesses. Absolutely need witnesses. This has to happen. I need it to happen.