Previously on the U- UT Bro Hospitalized After Alcohol Enema

OTC - Last week news broke that a University of Tennessee fraternity member had been hospitalized after he buttchugged wine. Today the entire fraternity stood behind their attorney to deny the buttchugging allegation. I’d like to pick my favorite part of this video, but the entire video is a complete comedy pyramid. The attorney really does deny that the alleged buttchugger is gay and they really did have the press conference in the center of campus. The lecture to the media is priceless. Actually, the entire press conference is outstanding.


All in all I’d have to say that after all the weird, funny, crazy, unbelievable shit I see and read on a day to day, month to month basis, holding a press conference in the middle of campus with your entire fraternity to deny butt chugging allegations has got to be right up there at the top. I mean I feel like this belongs on Comedy Central or the Onion or something. Every PIKE bro in his finest formal wear standing in unison to take a stand against false butt chugging charges. Can’t even make this stuff up.

Also what’s this dude’s obsession with being gay? Umm bro nobody thought you were gay. They thought you were getting hazed with liquor up your asshole. Not like it was a dick up your ass. It was an alcohol enema. But now that you’re so hung up on it and denying it so adamantly I’m kind of starting to think that you actually may be gay? See what you did there gayball? Backfire city.


PS – Easily my favorite bro in the video, who can only be described as The Enforcer.


Umm can you say intimidating? Seriously this has got to be the frat muscle. The dude you bring to the bar with you late night if you got a funny feeling something is going to go down. Just stone cold ice grilling motherfuckers behind his gigantic Ken Griffey Jr. outfielder shades. Reporter straight up forgot half her questions because she was pissing herself. You want to ask some tough questions? Not on his watch honey.