First of all for the sake of argument let’s pretend this guy hit a laser off this babies forehead as opposed to lobbing one softly into the crowd.  In that case I’d be totally torn.  Because on the one hand there is nothing more obnoxious than parents who bring babies out in public.   Like I’m trying to eat, or watch a movie or go on vacation here bro. Last thing I want is your little kid screaming and yelling.  If you can’t get it to shut up than don’t bring it out of the house.   But at the same time I don’t believe in sports where crowds have to be quiet like tennis and golf.   That has never made sense to me.   If you can’t block out crowd noise you shouldn’t be playing.    So I have no sympathy for this guy getting pissed about a baby crying in the upper deck.   It’s not that I’m inherently against hitting tennis balls at babies it just this guy had no right to do it in this case.  Now the guy sitting next to this baby is a different story.  He has every right to dropkick it out of the stadium, but not the player.

As a side note I think restaurants should have a rule where if a baby won’t stop crying anybody can just walk over and put it in a potato sack and stick it in a closet or a dumpster or something until the parents leave.