Thanks to everybody who came out to our Halloween Party. We had a great turnout and appreciate the support. It was a great night despite the fact that I got egged twice. Yup that’s not a misprint. I still don’t even know what happened to be honest. All I know is I was outside Hurricane O’Reillys’s around 6pm putting the decorations up and suddenly I felt like I got shot in the back. I turned around and didn’t see shit. There were no cars in the street. No people. Nobody laughing. Nothing. I touched my back looking for blood and just found egg yolk instead. Thing fucking killed. I got a huge bruise right above my ass too. So I went back into Hurricane’s and told everybody what happened and people just start laughing. Well 15 minutes later I go back outside and wouldn’t you know I get fucking pegged again this time in the shoulder. And once again I have no idea who did or where it came from. All I know is that there were two eggs thrown the entire night and both of them demolished me. And they came in hot too. I would have said it was Zolak hiding out in a building across the street but I don’t think he has that type of aim. Because whoever hit me was a fucking sniper and a half. I’m still not sure whether it was a coincidence that I got hit with the only two eggs of the night or whether somebody had it out for me. Either way I haven’t been egged since I was like 13. I guess I learned the hard way what it’s like to be a gay man with awesome voice in America. Everybody is a hater.

In other news a Stoolie asked me to introduce him to the First Lady and then promptly went up to her and said “I thought you’d be hotter.” BAHAHAHA! And then this guy had the balls to keep talking to her like it was no big deal. To her defense she had good comeback. “Have you seen what Dave looks like?” Seriously though I totally deserve hotter….

PS – This is hands down the costume of the year…..