So you know that chick in Bob Kraft’s owners box with Wes Welker the other day? Oh it was none other than Anna Burns. No big deal. Not like she was Miss Hooters International 2005 or anything. Ho hum. So while everybody was talking about how bad they felt for Wes and his mother was telling the Herald to pray for him, Anna Burns was spinning around on his dick like a dradle. Looks like his rehab won’t be that bad after all. I mean I’d trade 9 torn ACL’s for one Anna Burns blowjob so fast it would make your head spin.

PS – Shit like this is also precisely why I always get a kick out of when pro athletes complain about fans booing them. Don’t get me wrong I would have never booed at Sunday’s game. They’ve won too much this decade for me to ever think of booing them right now. But I’m not going to feel bad for the players when idiot fans do boo them. I mean cry me a river. Guys are making bizillions of dollars playing a game for a living and getting to fuck the hottest bitches on the planet because of it. I think they can handle getting booed.