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Houston Texans Cheerleaders



Godddd dammit! I’m so sick of these YouTube videos. The first one was cute and funny, I think it was someone asking Justin Timberlake to a Military Ball. But after that? I’m tired of it. This is cheating. These kids just fire out countless YouTube vids to celebrities or professional hot people and end up with the best prom date in history. That’s not how it’s supposed to work. They skip the part where you’ve got a pit in your stomach for a week trying to work up the courage to ask the hot girl. They skip the part where she turns you down in the dining hall, in front of everyone. They skip the part where you go to prom with the ugly girl and spend the whole time jealous of everyone else. Those are character building situations. Situations that make you a stronger man and urge you to become better at life. Just making a YouTube and blindly tweeting it out doesn’t take an ounce of courage. Who wants to go to prom with the kid who’s scared to ask a girl out face to face? It’s just a pity date, and unlike most prom pity dates this one probably doesn’t even end with a drunken handjob.



PS – That’s not even a regular NFL cheerleader. She has to be one of the hottest in the league.



PPS – This only works as a guy asking a girl, right? Like if a 30 year old man goes to prom with a high school chick it’s really creepy and not cute, right?



UPDATE: Kmarko just pointed out to me that Caitlyn is one of his smokeshows. Of course she is.