Every couple weeks I feel like I get an email from some dude being like “Hey I stumbled across this video on ESPN.com. Who the fuck is this Jenny Dell chick”? Well to be honest she’s been on my radar forever now not only because she is straight fire, but because she’s a Umass grad.  In fact I actually tried to smokeshow her about a year or two ago and she denied the request. But I don’t care anymore. I mean once you work for ESPN you kind of lose the right to decline being featured on the Stool right? Yup it’s time to go public with this chick. My question is why isn’t she getting more play at ESPN? Like why are her talents being wasted on videos that people don’t even know exist until they find them by accident? Because I got to be honest. I think Jenny Dell is just about the hottest chick they got there. Yeah I’m talking to you Erin Andrews. Mix in the fact that she obviously knows how to party since she went to the Zoo and I’m sold. So I think I speak for everybody when I say it’s time more Jenny Dell! Let her hotness shine from sea to shining sea.

Update – For more pics of Jenny go to her fan page….