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El Pres,

Just got this chain email about a Duke broad sending out a detailed “sex thesis” regarding her hookups with various Duke athletes over the years. Pretty ridiculous read, but I assume it’s the real deal. Whore gives some guys huge endorsements, but like Red Sox prospect Alex Hassan, she slays others. Her powerpoint is attached, while she’s the brunette in the photo. I just find it ironic that this cum dumpster bailed to help women in Kenya with aids, let alone having the audacity not to make the trip to Back To Stool.

- Matt


So we’ve probably gotten this email 100 times today. Enough to the point we finally had to figure out how to post it.    Credit the Sales Guy.  He finally figured out how to post it.      Anyway talk about making or breaking a career huh?    Is there anything better than having a chick say you rule in bed?    But the flip side of the the coin is there anything worse than having a chick say you suck or have a small dick?   Rumors like these are how championships are won and lost.     Anyway I wonder how this chick is in bed?   She must be fucking awesome to put a list together like this right?    Because something tells me prudes don’t do power point presentations on dudes they’ve slept with.   Just a hunch.

Update - I gave the Sales Guy way too much credit for figuring out how to post this power point.  We’ve sat here for the last 45 minutes trying to put these slides in order.   Somehow they got all jumbled and it was like a giant jigzaw puzzle putting this fuck list back togetehr.