DM – A man who lost both hands when a homemade bomb exploded has finally created a new pair of arms after eight years of planning.   Sun Jifa could not afford the hospital’s prosthetic limbs after the explosive for blast fishing detonated prematurely, but desperately needed the use of his hands to work on the family farm.  That’s when the 51-year-old from Guanmashan, Jilin province, northern China, decided to create his own bionic hands.  ’I survived but I had no hands and I couldn’t afford to buy the false hands the hospital wanted me to have – so I decided to make my own,’ he explained.  Sun spent eight years making prototypes before finally creating a pair of metal hands which can grip and hold thanks to a series of wires and pulleys inside the shell.

Let me ask you something Sun Jifa.  Do you think I’m stupid?    Like you really want me to believe you made bionic hands without hands?  Umm newsflash bro.  That’s fucking impossible.   Yeah I know they are wicked ghetto and you can’t even use chopsticks, but still the point remains.  If you have no hands you can’t make fake hands.   Somebody had to help nubby.   I don’t care how long it took him.  You can’t make prosthetic limbs with nubs. End of story.