SCITUATE Tucker Hannon of Duxbury skated over the blue line, received a backhanded pass with his stick and slapped the puck toward Scituate’s goaltender. As the shot sailed wide of the net, Scituate’s Alex Way charged in from the right and sent Hannon to the ice with a hard check. The hit didn’t land Way in the penalty box, but it will land him in court Friday. That’s because Hannon’s parents are seeking an assault and battery charge against the Scituate High School senior. Hannon, 18, suffered a severe concussion on the play, causing him to miss the rest of the hockey season and five weeks of school. The hit occurred Jan. 7 during a game at The Bog Ice Arena in Kingston. “If this (check) was off the rink, on a public way, that is gross, negligent assault and battery,” said Jay Mullen, the attorney representing Thomas and Sheila Hannon, Tucker’s parents. “I still get headaches that I’ve never had before,” Tucker said Wednesday. Thomas Hannon said he only filed the complaint because Scituate’s school administrators, athletic department and hockey coaches didn’t respond to his family’s multiple requests for a sit-down meeting to discuss the hit. Thomas said he either wanted Way to apologize to his son, or for the school to suspend Way for two games. He said neither happened.

Only a kid namd Tucker from Duxbury would pull a stunt like this.  Like as somebody who plays hockey and laced em up yesterday and laid it all on the line I take offense to this.  Hey bro you got lit up fair and square. This wasn’t some Todd Bertuzi type attack from the blind side. Yeah maybe it was step late but that’s it. If you don’t want to get hit than stick to sailing and being rich. Like maybe I can understand the parents acting like douchebags because that’s what parents from Duxbury do, how does this kid ever go along with this? Do you know how big of a pussy this makes you look like?  Begging for a sit down meeting, an apology, and a bouquet or roses from the guy who hit you?  Unreal.  One of the alltime crybabies in MA history.

PS – I love the lawyers quote about how if you hit a guy off the rink like that it would be gross, negligent assault and battery. Is that not arguably the dumbest statement in the history of the world? I mean what does that have to do with anything? Oh so I can’t just check random strangers walking down the street? Thanks for that insight….