newsuffolk - As negotiators in the state Legislature prepared to hash out a final gambling bill, the owners of the Suffolk Downs race track today unveiled their proposal for a resort-stye casino at the East Boston facility.  Suffolk Downs chief operating officer Chip Tuttle said the casino could have as many as 5,000 slot machines, more than 200 card tables, a 400–to–600-room hotel, and upscale restaurants and shops.  In addition, Tuttle said the owners would undertake a “major renovation” of the current horse-racing facility, including the grandstand and clubhouse. “We’d like to compete for a license to do a resort-style destination, a world class gaming facility with horse racing as a center piece,” said Tuttle at the track today. “We look at this is a large job creation, revenue creation, and enhancer of the local tourism economy.” Suffolk Downs is seen by many political observers as having a strong chance of winning a gaming license should the Legislature approve expanding gambling. The race track is in the district of House Speaker Robert DeLeo, a strong proponent of gaming who led his chamber’s approval of casino bill earlier this year. DeLeo’s father once worked at the track. Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino also supports Suffolk Downs.


Listen I love Suffolk Downs.   I’ve been going there since I was 14.    And I love gambling.    But having said that I have to vote a strong NO FUCKING WAY to this proposal.     I mean a casino is East Boston?    Yikes.  Way too fucking close to the city.    You got to put this shit out in the middle of nowhere like Pittsfield or something.    Some place where you can’t take a 5 minute cab ride and be there.   This is just too fucking dangerous.   Like anytime you’re slightly bored or having nothing to do you can just shoot down to the Casino and get your ass handed to you.   If I wanted that type of temptation I’d move to Vegas.   Just too close.  Just too dangerous.       Seriously if this passes I’m going to need to get some type of ankle bracelet that goes off whenever I enter the casino so they kick me out.   If not Chip Tuttle is going to own Barstool Sports within 2 weeks of it’s opening.

PS – What will happen to all the old Suffolk Downs regulars?   Something tells me they like Suffolk just the way it is.    Empty, disgusting and vile.   It will be like when Moe opened Flaming Moe’s and it got all trendy and shit.