DM – A lawyer has been suspended after admitting to an affair with a client – and billing her for time they spent having sex, it was revealed last week.  Attorney Thomas Lowe had a six-month relationship with the woman he was representing in a divorce case. The 58-year-old, who is married, began an affair with his client after complimenting on her appearance and talking about her sex life. The pair embarked on an affair and met up on numerous occasions to have sex. Documents obtained from Lowe’s office in Burnsville, Minnesota revealed that on the dates he was having sex he billed the women for his time and coded their liaisons as ‘meetings’ or ‘drafting memos’. Lowe, from Eagan, Minnesota, eventually broke off the affair after several arguments with the woman in a bid to save his own marriage. He also withdrew as her attorney leading to the woman, who had past abuse and mental health issues, to try and kill herself. While she recovered in hospital she told authorities about the affair. Lowe initially denied having the affair, but later ‘unconditionally admitted the allegations’ to the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility. The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled on January 10 that he be suspended indefinitely and lose his license to practice law.


The term “power move” is thrown around a lot these days, but when I say this was a power move I mean this was a fucking power move. Imagine fucking a chick and then sending her a bill for it? Not like you were a male prostitute, but just some broad you were banging. Like she opens her mailbox and there’s an invoice for the hours your penis was inside her? Awesome. I mean personally I wouldn’t be making much money. Can’t really stretch 6.5 minutes into a full hour on the bill. But it’s the principle of the matter. Total dominance in the two most important aspects of female life: relationships and money.

And the fact that this lawyer was married makes it even better. He’s literally buying his wife groceries with money his adulterous cock earned. Do you know what I do for this family! I work my ass off to put a roof over your head and food on your plate! Meanwhile his day consisted of getting blown by one of his clients and demanding cash for the privilege. Say what you want about lawyers but when it comes to exploiting all the angles you gotta give them credit. Hey, that’s what they get paid for right? To fuck people?