IowaA 24 year old math teacher has been accused of having sex with at least four of her students. Ashley Nicole-Anderson is alleged to have confessed to a sexual affair with an 18 year old student. She also performed oral sex on three other students, according to a criminal complaint. Anderson, a math teacher at Aplington-Parkersburg High School,in Iowa City, Iowa, also sent nude photographs of herself to students during an almost year long series of illicit liaisons. Police said they received information that Anderson… had begun a relationship with an 18 year old who was in her math class. She is alleged to have had sex with the teen at his home… she had oral sex with a 16-year-old junior who served on the prom committee and a 16-year-old sophomore. A fourth relationship with a 17-year-old student included a kiss on a gravel road after track practice last spring … In each case, ‘Anderson admitted to the conduct,’

There’s something kind of cute about this story. Something just so…so… Iowa.  A couple of years ago My Lovely & Talented Irish Rose was in a production of “The Music Man” that had a song called “Iowa Stubborn” that went: “We’re so by God stubborn We could stand touchin’ noses For a week at a time And never see eye-to-eye.”  And now the simple, cornfed, salt-of-the-Earth types in flyover country are getting involved in the Sex Scandal Teacher business.  And this is a nice first try.  You’ve got your multiple partners.  Intercourse at one kid’s house.  Nude texts.  Kissing a kid right on the old gravel road, which could be an Iowan euphemism for something really dirty but I’m not sure.  It’s quaint really.  Granted in a great SST state like Florida, BJs and kisses are practically like flunking a kid, giving him an F in conduct and telling him he’ll never amount to anything.  But for the Hawkeyes? Like I said, this is a good effort.

The Grades:
Yeah, she’s alright.  But then again, she’s 24.  I give her til about 30 before she looks like the wife in American Gothic. Grade: B-.
Moral Compass/Bad Judgment:
She’s a head queen who’s not afraid to share the wealth, text deposits into your spank bank AND admits to all of the above?  Grade: A
In doing my research, I came across this Ashley Nicole Anderson.  Unfortunately, our Ashley is NOT the star of “White Collar Hooligans 2: England Away” or the one who played “Girl who kisses Hart Carlton” in “Let Them Chirp Away.”  Too bad.  That Ashley would have been a SST legend.  Grade: A
A solid Grade: B+
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