Stacey Keibler

Sara Jean Underwood

Kelly Brook

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I tried to go with 3 chicks that would win the fuck category virtually every time but lose the marry category.  I think I did a pretty good job.    For me the fuck here has to be Stacey Kiebler.    That ass is too perfect to pass up.    Plus I hate how she tries to act all righteous now.   Like her shit don’t stink and she is above smut.   I’d just hate fuck the shit out of her and treat her like a whore.     That leaves Kelly Brook and Sara Jean.   Yikes.    As much as I’d kill to bang Sara Jean I think I got to murder her.   Maybe my answer would have been different story if she didn’t get the fake tits, but like I said before that’s the difference between being great and being legendary.   Sure she can get away with the fake titties 99% of the time, but when you bump into the likes of a Kelly Brook that’s the difference.    It’s true what they say.  Marry Fuck Kill is game of inches.

Marry – Kelly Brook

Fuck – Stacy Kiebler

Kill – Sara Jean Underwood