Mila Kunis

Kate Upton

Bar Rafeli

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I tweeted yesterday that I wanted to do a Marry Fuck Kill with Mila Kunis and Kate Upton and needed a 3rd contestant that could stand up to onslaught.   The Jewish Jordan was the overwhelming choice.  So here we are.  Maybe the toughest threesome in the history of MFK.   It was made that much harder for me by the inclusion of Bar Rafeli. Because as I’ve said in the past whenever she’s involved I need to marry her so we can make super jew babies that as funny as they are gorgeous and destroy anti antisemitism once and for all.   So like I said I’m marrying Bar.  Next move is to fuck Mila Kunis.  It just boils down to preferences really.  I prefer brunettes over blonds.   Don’t hate me for it Kate.   That’s just how god made me.  I can’t control who I am.

Marry – Bar Rafeli

Fuck – Mila Kunis

Kill – Kate Upton