(HuffPo) – A blog post on a small Michigan Brewery’s website about a nixed endorsement deal seems to have escaped serious notice, until now.

Reddit user Talpostal recently posted a March 2010 entry from Dark Horse Brewery’s website, which revealed the operation’s opportunity to have its beer featured in a Nickelback music video. Head brewer Aaron Morse was less than enthusiastic about the prospect:

It’s obvious that this would be a great opportunity for us and maybe get some mainstream youth into craft beer rather than the swill. However, none of us at the brewery really care for the band (or frat parties) so our knee jerk reaction is “no thanks”. But how cool would it be to see our beer in a video? Aaron said, “Why cant it be some cool band like Slayer?” The guy that called said the lead singer is familiar with our brand. What does that mean? Does the lead singer of Nickleback drink craft beer?

The post revealed that the band had until the following Monday to give the band an answer, and it asked customers and fans for guidance. Dark Horse ultimately declined the offer. When the story started picking up steam two years after the fact, Michigan Live contacted Morse for his thoughts now on the matter: …Morse said he stands by his decision, although he could’ve made a lot of money from the exposure. “I absolutely hate that band,” Morse said today. “It’s shit rock and roll that doesn’t deserve to be on the radio.”

Has anyone ever gotten a worse shake than Nickelback? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan. I can’t tell you one of their songs since the one where they ask what the hell was on Joey’s head. But the Nickelback hate has gotten so cliche. It’s one of those things that has taken on a life of its own. Everyone scared to step back and say hey these guys aren’t actually the worst band to ever touch a guitar. It’s just the cool thing to do right now: hate Nickelback. I mean this small brewery turns down a huge endorsement deal and free publicity because Nickelback isn’t as good as Slayer? Huh? Shit must make Chad Kroeger laugh his dick off. Like OK, Dark Horse brewery. Refuse our money. Go play some thrash metal and keep making horse piss in your mom’s bathtub. I’ll go back to being the frontman of the most hated band in history that has every album go Multi-Platinum.

PS – that song definitely doesn’t suck at all. Fuck the haters, I’m a Nickelback fan!