Gasparilla.  Blond is obviously a smoke but I see you alternative girl trying not be hot but hot

Skiing in Tahoe. Best use of Starfish Swag I’ve ever seen

And now I’m officially hard

Waste Management Crew At Golf Tournament

Rex Being Cute


Couple Bros in the Gold Coast.  He should trademark “Yankees Suck”

Sugarloaf.  I’d pay 500 for Hugs fried mozzarella right now

Couple cowboys and a hardo on the left at Rodeo in Reno

Still can’t tell if that’s really Rene Rencourt or not

Viva La Stool at Missouri Game Day

Mass Maritime Cadets on Hooker patrol in Panama.

Skiing Gloryhole at Park City.  Pussies.   I only ski Double Blacks

Stoolie trying to make sure nobody gets raped at Occupy

New Zealand Ironman….Umm are they sneaky having sex?

Creepy Masks at Mardi Gras

Maccabi Games in Tel Aviv- AKA Jewish Olympics

A camel killing it in Israel.  Do Jews love the Stool or what?

MIT bros being dorks at  some dork conference

Ithaca Bro styling and profiling on the shitter

Yes please.  That’s how you murder a dress

Threesome City

I Love My Job

Should I hire Gracie as an intern/writer/pretty face with a sick body?

Turtles Fucking on Mustique Island


Christ the Redeemer in Rio…Not sure if that’s a shot at me

Best Face in the game…period

Cancun Bros getting no pussy.   I see you white tits

Hungarian Baths seem kind of gross

Cute popular couple at Bruins Caps game

Kid with a touch of Down’s with a bunch of chicks at Bridgewater

Without being too graphic I’d like to put my penis inbetween those boobies

Pregaming for Portland.  We’re bring Foam To the Dirty South.  Not the fake crappy one that’s happening soon.  The real one. Wait for us

Bro’ing out on Spring Break

Amen Sister!

Nichols College Bros looking exactly how I’d expect Nichols College Bros to look

Westfield Rugby in England