Lots of times when I’m sitting up stressing my balls off about Barstool Sports and wondering how I’m going to make money and meet payroll and all that fun stuff I start day dreaming about how one day somebody is going to pay me bizillions for it and I’m just going to join like 348 country clubs and buy a shit ton of houses in tropical locations and never work another day in my life. Hey a guy can dream right? Anyway it got me to thinking for real though. How much money do you need to never work again? And I’m not talking to eat Roman Noodles for the rest of your life. I’m talking the same style of living you have now. Maybe a vacation or two a year. Buy a decent house. 500K type house. Be able to go out to dinner and shit like that without worrying about it. How much do you need to make it work? 2 million? Does 2 million do the trick with interest and shit?

Vote 1 for a million or less and 10 for 10 million or more.