So Springsteen was at Fenway last night. Word on the street is that he didn’t play Born in the USA. Flat out unacceptable. Like if I went last night I wouldn’t have left until I got my money back. Yeah I know he’s playing Fenway again tonight and I’m sure he will play it, but it doesn’t matter. Nuts and bolts if you went last night you got screwed. Because when you go to a Bruce Springsteen concert you are signing a social contract that he plays Born In the USA. If not he might as well just be stealing money right out of your wallet. I just hate when artists do this.  Try to get all artsy fartsy on you.  You think anybody gives a fuck that you play your best songs 2 nights in a row or at every concert you do?   That’s why people are going dude.   Anyway since I’m a fan of the Boss I’m just going to assume Larry Lucchino had something to do with this. Forbid him from playing it last night to force people to buy tickets for tonight to hear it. Any other reason is beyond my comprehension.