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Huge stoolie fan down here at University of Texas by way of good ole NR. Got a question to ask: Does getting hit by a bus during a foam sword fight on our main street get this kid laid? I literally spit my Texas Tea out (its 100 degrees alread) and I wasn’t even drinking any. I’d say immediate pussy, I’d fuck him. That fool jumped right up. You can even hear the smack against the bus. Haters gonna hate, nick’s gonna smash up buses. Basically, the foam sword fight happens on the last day of classes on our main drag (Guadalupe St) when the white knight of traffic safety tells you its safe to cross the street. This goes on for about an hour, and is a way kids get rid of the stress of finals. You better bring the Fucking Foam here now, if not for me, then for Nick.


Nothing and I mean nothing will ruin a foam sword fight faster than a kid getting steamrolled by bus. Ruins it everytime. Regardless this motherfucker can play for me anyday. Yeah I know he’s a little undisciplined and will jump offsides on you, but you can’t teach this type of heart. Like when I first watched this I was convinced this kid was dead. But nope. He popped right back up and got back in the huddle like it ain’t no thing. Does it get him laid? Fucking right it does. I bet that chick screaming Nick already had his pants around his ankles she was so turned on by his toughness.

PS – Looks like the PC police are going to have to ban foam sword fights now.