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This was such bullshit.    This was obviously like a baby bull or a sedated bull.      Clearly he didn’t know how bullfighting worked yet.    Nobody told him that he was going to get stabbed to death no matter what at the end of this fight.   Because he wanted no part of killing this little kid.      Cmon bull!   You have a bullfighter down like that you need to gore his face off.       You don’t get a second chance.

PS – This kid was happy with his effort?   Really?  You tripped over your own feet  bro and should be dead if the bull wasn’t such a pussy cat.   

Double PS – The fact that there are rodeo clowns in bull fighting is a joke.     Bull fighters love to talk about how manly they are and how they go mano y mano with the bull, but the second they get in trouble there are a billion people rushing the ring trying to distract the bull.    That’s candy ass.